Storm warnings have been issued by the Met Office 

Strong winds and heavy rain is predicted to hit parts of the UK, now would be a good time to take precaution! We have put together some helpful information for you to protect your property from storm Ciara.

In advance of the strong winds, hire professionals to check your home for potential damage to your property, such as loose tiles, broken trees and exposed bins. After the storm has passed, you should check for any damage.

  • Listen to local radio or search the internet for the latest information and updates in your area.
  • Put away garden furniture and any other items kept outside that might get blown around and cause damage.
  • Secure gates and shed doors.
  • Be ready to turn off essential supplies – gas, electricity and water – at the mains.
  • Prepare an emergency pack to include torch, first aid kit, warm clothes, blankets and water and make sure your mobile phone is fully charged.

Here is some more additional information for you: Severe Gales and Wind